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Love Less Ash LA4p22

Love-Less Ash LA-4p22 Tool Pkg, MU305, MU405, Fireplace Vacs

Love Less, Hose Attachment, Crevice Wand & Brush End for use with Ash Vacuums Cleaners MU305 Cheetah, MU405 Cougar


Love Less Ash LAMU305G

Love-Less Ash Cheetah II MU305G Vacuum Cleaner GREEN LoveLess, Fire Resistant Parts, 3Gal Canister, 5'Hose, Nozzle, 1000°F Primary Filter, Made in USA

For conventional stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, BBQ'S and bio fuel (corn and wheat)...


Love Less Ash LAMU405

LoveLess Ash Cougar MU405 Fireplaace Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Love-Less, Large Motor Housing, 6 Amp Motor, 3 Gallon Capacity, Fire Retardent 5' Hose, Filter for Fireplace, Wood Stove, Pit Ash


Love Less Ash LAMU405R

Love-Less Ash Cougar MU405R Steel Fireplace Vacuum Cleaner

RED LoveLess, Lg Motor Housing, 6A, 3GaL, Fire Retardent Parts, Dual Fire Proof Filter, USA


Love Less Ash LAMU405W

Love-Less Ash Cougar MU405W Vacuum Cleaner WINTER SCENE

LoveLess, LG Motor Housing 6A, 3Gallon, Fire Retardent Components, Quiet Operation, No Bag USA


Love less Ash MU305B

Love-less Ash MU305-BLK Cheetah II Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Easily remove both warm and cold ash from stoves, fireplaces and barbeques with the MU305-BLK Cheetah II featuring a high performance, flame resistant dual filter.


Love less Ash MU305G

Love-less Ash MU305-GRN Cheetah II Ash Vacuum Cleaner

The MU305-GRN Cheetah II is especially designed to vacuum warm and cold ash from a variety of places.


Love less Ash MU305R

Love-less Ash MU305-RED Cheetah II Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning up ash couldn't get any easier with the MU305-RED Cheetah II. Primary and secondary filters are easy to clean without having to remove the lid.


Love Less Ash MU305W

Love-Less Ash Cheetah II MU305W Vacuum Cleaner WINTER SCENE

LoveLess, 3 Gallons, Double Filter, Fire Retardent Primary Filter and 5' Hose, Made in USA


Love less Ash MU305WS

Love-less Ash MU305-WS Cheetah II Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Clean up ash in a snap with the MU305-WS Cheetah II ash vacuum cleaner! It features high performance dual filters and a 3 gallon capacity for easy clean up.


August 22, 2019