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Alessi 90017

Alessi Aldo Rossi Il Conico Water Kettle - Web ID: 115891 (Stainless Steel)

Modern inspiration on the water kettle. Mirror polished, conical design.


Alessi 9090

Alessi 6-Cup Espresso Coffee Maker - Web ID: 115895 (Stainless Steel)

Espresso coffee maker in mirror polished stainless steel.


Alessi 9090M

Alessi Richard Sapper Espresso Coffee Maker - Web ID: 594146 (Grey)

Alessi Espresso Coffee Maker


Alessi 9091

Alessi Richard Sapper Water Kettle With Whistle - Web ID: 115896 (Silver/Black)

Kettle in stainless steel mirror polished with melodic whistle in brass and handle in black polyamide. Magnetic steel heat diffusing bottom.


Alessi 9093

Michael Graves for Alessi Kettle - Small Bird Shape - Web ID: 71990 (Stainless Steel)

Designed by Michael Graves. Post modern kettle with handle and small bird-shaped whistle.


Alessi 9093REXB

Alessi Tea Rex Water Kettle - Web ID: 1647153 (Silver and Black)

Alessi Tea Rex Water Kettle


Alessi 9093REXLAZ

Alessi Tea Rex Water Kettle - Web ID: 1647154 (Silver and Light Blue)

Alessi Tea Rex Water Kettle


Alessi AAM333

Alessi Alessandro Mendini Moka Alessi Espresso Coffee Maker - Web ID: 1520450 (Silver)

The Moka Alessi style is a successful remake of the first Espresso coffee maker, designed by Alessandro Mendini, and brought out by Alfonso Bialetti. Its...


Alessi MG32AZUSA

Michael Graves Electric Kettle Blue - Web ID: 115925 (Blue)

This Michael Graves for Alessi electric kettle in stainless steel with light blue handle and base is a great addition to any home.


Alessi MG33

Michael Graves for Alessi Teapot - Web ID: 115926 (Stainless Steel/Light Blue)

This teapot by Michael Graves in stainless steel looks super stylish when paired with our matching sugar bowl and creamer.


May 25, 2019